Independence Primary School Hosts Second Annual Mental Health and Wellness Fair

On Tuesday, November 22, Independence Primary School hosted its second annual Mental Health and Wellness Fair at the Independence Civic Center.  The fair was open to all kindergarten through fourth-grade students.

“Last year was such a success and was received with so much positivity that we were excited to bring it back to our students and staff,” said Brooke Gradert, School Counselor, Independence Primary School.

Students rotated through different stations that focused on mental health and wellness. They had the opportunity to learn different strategies to help them relax and enhance their mental health.  The stations included a Nature Walk, team building activities, yoga/meditation, sensory exploration and mindfulness coloring, and contemplating gratitude.

“Because of the success from last year's program, we have had the opportunity to share the programs we are implementing at IPS at various educational conferences including the Ohio Association of School Administrators in June and recently the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators second in command conference,” said Principal T.J. Ebert, Independence Primary School.   “We also hope to present at the National Elementary Administrators conference in July.”