IPS New Report Cards

Beginning this school year, quarterly report cards at Independence Primary School are shifting to a new system to reflect students’ learning progress. Our goal is to provide you with a report card that better reflects your child’s progress towards mastery of key skills in each grade and subject.

Over the past year, our staff worked closely with the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio to review the structure of our current report cards. We found a far more informative method to communicate how your child is developing throughout the school year, placing the focus right where it needs to be–on the learning. Districts across the country are turning to this new form of reporting. Teachers are able to gather information on your child, come together as a team, and more authentically communicate student growth throughout the year to you. It ultimately allows you to know more deeply how your child is progressing and in the ways they need to improve on specific year-long learning standards. 

Report cards with grades only provide a periodic glimpse of "a point in time" performance on year-long learning standards. With our “old” report cards, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade did not have letter grades. We used check marks with M/I and +/-, and letter grades were used in the third and fourth grades.

Beginning this school year, kindergarten through third grade will use our “new” report card system. To ensure consistency in grading practices, fourth-grade students will not make the transition until the next school year.  

The following letter scale will be used to communicate student progress:

B - Beginning - Student requires adult guidance and support to achieve the objective and/or standard being introduced.

D - Developing - Student can achieve the objective with guided practice and/or is able to achieve the objective with some support. Student performance may be inconsistent. 

S - Secure - Student consistently demonstrates the objective independently or with minimal support and can generalize the skill beyond a specific task/lesson. 

We believe learning is a partnership between teachers, students, and parents.

Report Card Information Form

Report Card Example (Kindergarten)

Report Card Example (1st Grade)

Report Card Example (2nd Grade)

Report Card Example (3rd Grade)


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