The students in Mrs. Pietrzak's 8th grade Broadcast Media class worked diligently this quarter to create a 2nd Quarter Newscast. The goal of the newscast was to highlight school happenings during the 2nd quarter. Students began the quarter learning the 5 W's and an H of broadcasting. Each student chose a staff member or community member to interview and worked with the video camera to scout interview locations and check for appropriate lighting and sound. After learning about different camera angles and shots, they conducted their interviews. Using footage from their interviews, clubs, and sports, students produced the segments in the newscast linked below. 

In regards to the technology used to "produce" the show, the crew decided to do things a little differently this time around, using the news studio to produce the entire show! Students used the NewTek Tricaster, an all in one video production system, to set up a virtual set with multiple layers. The graphics tech used the Titler Blue Live system to send live graphics to the Tricaster during production; these are the full screen and lower third graphics you see throughout the show. Students used iMovie to produce their individual segments; learning how to duck audio, use voice overs, and seamlessly combine clips. 

The crew has come a long way in their production skills since the first quarter but more importantly than that, they have learned to collaborate on a project where each crew member's role is essential to the end production.  

You can see the 2nd Quarter Newscast Here.