Independence Middle School Launches Innovative Career Program with Cleveland Clinic

This January, Independence Middle School kicked off an exciting new pilot program in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic and Cuyahoga Valley Career Center aimed at expanding students' career horizons in the medical field.

Dubbed the "Cleveland Clinic Career Passport Program," eighth graders will get insider exposure to various healthcare roles through a series of interactive sessions, activities, and a culminating field trip to Cleveland Clinic's main campus this April.

"This is about looking beyond the typical doctor/nurse paradigm and showing kids just how many options exist when you enter the healthcare ecosystem," said Career Specialist Amanda Jaronowski, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center.  "From architects that design facilities to financial analysts that develop hospital budgets - we want to open their eyes to all the possibilities."

Over the next few months, Cleveland Clinic professionals representing departments like engineering, graphic design, therapy services, surgery, cardiology, and more will individually mentor students, lead hands-on activities, and impart wisdom gained from their own career journeys.

The program will culminate with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Cleveland Clinic Simulation Center downtown.

"We're grateful to the Cleveland Clinic and the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center for providing this career exposure and inspiring our next generation of healthcare leaders," said Principal Jamie Vanek, Independence Middle School.