Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Student Spotlight

Molly Dubitsky is a junior at Independence High School and is enrolled in Cuyahoga Valley Career Center's Sports Medicine Exercise Science program instructed by Shawn Fahey.

 When considering the choice to attend CVCC, Molly took several things into consideration; one of those things was the factt hat her older brother has been extremely successful since completing the Power Equipment Technology program at CVCC. She also took her parents advice to go into the medical field into consideration, a field that she’s recently fallen in love with. 

“My time at CVCC has made me feel excited for my future. It’s relieving knowing that I’m getting a head start on my career.” -Molly Dubitsky

Molly’s favorite thing about the program is how it’s structured. “The class is super hands-on which has given me so many new experiences. I really appreciate that Mr. Fahey starts the class with a lecture and then leads into lab where we see what we just learned being applied.” After graduation, Molly plans to attend college to major in Occupational Therapy, or something of a similar nature. 

“Molly is the first one to arrive to class and is ready to work every day. She is an outstanding student academically and focused in labs. She tends to be quiet, but has shown the ability to be an outstanding presenter in front of the class. She is an absolute pleasure to have in the program.” 

-Shawn Fahey, SMES Instructor

Outside of academics, Molly plays the drums and is involved in band at Independence High School. 

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