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IPS Art Show May 18!

Independence Primary School Art Show To Feature 18x10 Ft. Superheroes Mural Along with a Re-creation of VanGogh: The Immersive Experience in School Gym

The Independence Primary School Art Show is Wednesday, May 18 from 6:30-8 p.m. inside the school.  

The show will feature more than 300 pieces of artwork that have been created by the primary school students throughout this school year.  Taking part in a three-week art class project, fourth graders are excited to display their 18x10 ft. mural they created of six Superheroes…Hawkeye, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow. This was one of our most colorful murals that we have created so that we could feature the colors needed for each superhero. The mural will be in the cafe.  

In the school gym, Art Teacher Mike Gruber is working to recreate the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Cleveland using student paintings.  Each student did a Van Gogh inspired work that he put into a 20 minute video that will be shown on six projectors in the gym.

Each student will have a piece of artwork on display in the halls of IPS to enjoy.  In addition, the company Artome has set up a virtual show which includes one piece of art online that parents and families can purchase which they will frame and mail back (either to the school, or if school is out of session, right to the family’s home.) 

The link to order is:

Gruber has worked with his kindergarten through fourth-grade students on an annual spring art show since 2010.  Each year, the show gets bigger and better.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be canceled two years ago but was brought back last year at Elmwood Park.  

The mural is created with the technique used by famous artist Chuck Close. Each student figured out which of the three colors to paint on a rectangle to coincide with the larger image of their favorite Superheroes.  

These murals have become a tradition at the primary school.  Over the past, the students have created murals for the City of Independence bicentennial, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Cavs, and even of their favorite teachers, including a mural in remembrance of Joan Sidor, the school’s beloved long-time music teacher. Last year, they featured the Cleveland Browns and had a surprise visit by Myles Garrett who signed the mural and visited with the students. 

“I love that students have to work as a team to create a piece of art,” said Gruber. “It is much different than most projects we do during the year. It is always fun hearing how excited they are to do this project, and even better to see them light up when they first get to see it put together.