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Independence High School Students Participate in Annual Pumpkin Drop

pumpkin dropIndependence High School students participated in the annual pumpkin drop on November 9.   Students in the tech engineering class collaborated with the honors physics class, as well as the 2D and 3D design students to orchestrate this fun, educational event.

The pumpkin drop design rules were purposely open ended. The students were only limited by the overall size (72 cm x 90 cm x 150 cm) and weight (30 pounds total weight including the pumpkin) of the apparatus they needed to create. No parachutes, bungee cords, or small fillers were allowed and at least 50% of the pumpkin had to be visible at all times. This gave the students the freedom to be creative and come up with unique ideas for their contraptions.

"This annual lesson is a visible example of collaboration between disciplines that makes learning much more meaningful for our students,” said Principal Jamie Hogue, Independence High School.  “Lessons like these, that allow students to experience more direct application of knowledge, are the future of education in the information rich world in which our students are living."

Teachers Mike Foor, Mike Morefield and Eric Wells worked with the City of Independence Service Department to provide the bucket truck from which the pumpkins were dropped. Tristan Otis and Ryan Goralczyk, from the City of Independence, dropped the students’ pumpkins and helped clean up the mess afterwards. 

Foor, who teaches the Tech Engineering class, worked with Wells and his physics students throughout the school year on real life application of science through a number of STEM projects. The two classes will be completing many more STEM inspired challenges throughout the school year. 

The following students participated in the Pumpkin Drop challenge:

Physics: Alex Adams, Nico Artuso, Joe Botzman, Alex Christian, Sadie Habeeb, Casey McGhee, Calli Prokopius, Emmett Stralka & Josh Wachs 

3D Design: Mackenzie Billings, Kaitie Dailey, Colton Jatsek, James Mannion, Joe Mussara, Sam Pascarella, Keely Sears, Michael Spinelli and James Walchanowicz.

2D Design: Kendall Krsak and Christine DiSalvo

Technology Engineering: Sam Eisenmann, Jack Panichi, Rocco Ressler, Sammy Sidor, Wyatt Snyder, Andrew Straub and Owen Szymanski