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Rent the Rock Program at Independence Primary School Holds Steady in First Year

Independence Primary School (IPS) PTO President Amanda Jaronowski was determined to create the “Rent a Rock” program to build community with the school students and their families. Despite fellow PTO members finding it a funny idea, Jaronowski went forward with the program this year and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Rent a Rock program gives students and their families the opportunity to rent and paint a large rock on the IPS campus. Jaronowski said after starting the program in September, “Rock rentals sold out in two hours for the entire year.”
Paints are provided and those who rent the rock have two days to paint it.

Jaronowski told the board she was going to leave her legacy with the rock and “it's going to be super popular and the families are going to love it.”

Her prediction came true and so far, the rock has been painted with rainbows, a pumpkin face, and a celebratory message for students’ birthdays. Each family is asked to take a photo of the rock, with or without people, and share it on the rock’s Instagram page at @theipsrock.

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