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IPS Thanks Parents

Independence Primary School thanks parents for continued home-schooling efforts during coronavirus closure
Posted May 10, 2020
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By Chris M. Worrell, special to

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- The coronavirus-induced closure of Ohio schools compelled parents of Independence Primary School students to become home-school educators overnight. Administrators, teachers and staff expressed their gratitude with a “home-school appreciation day” photo collage that was shared with parents and on social media Friday (May 8).

“Now that the parents are taking on that role of teaching their students at home, we want to thank them,” said Principal T.J. Ebert.

The heartfelt gesture comes on the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week.

“Our parents have been doing a lot of great things for us,” commented Ebert.

Independence Primary School parents -- who have been diligently working with the pros to ensure educational objectives are fulfilled -- frequently thank the teachers for their efforts, both in the current environment and in more ordinary times.

Given the unexpected burden on families, Ebert and his team felt it was appropriate to acknowledge all that parents are doing during the shutdown.

“We all need to be supporting one another right now,” Ebert said.

Many parents in the tight-knit community responded to the collage within hours. Ebert credits Mike Gruber, primary school art teacher, with the concept and with bringing the project to fruition.

The primary school continues to work with parents and pupils to ensure educational objectives are met while keeping stress and hardship to a minimum. Recent surveys of district parents and students are already providing feedback that will help shape future approaches to teaching.

“We want to see what we can do to make it a more engaging experience for our students and families,” explained Ebert.

According to Ebert, last week was especially difficult for all. Teachers cleaned out their desks and students picked up the last of their belongings while reflecting on a school year that held immense promise prior to the first closure and the subsequent announcement that schools would remain shuttered until at least fall.

“We had a tough week last week,” Ebert noted of the tearful finale to the semester. “We’d much rather be in school seeing our students each day.”

Students, traditionally averse to attending school any more than is absolutely necessary, have expressed similar sentiments via email, phone calls and posts.

Ebert, contemplating the difficult reality that emerged with the extended school closure, concluded, “We all just needed a pick-me-up.”

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