Teacher Websites

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Teacher Websites

Teacher Websites

Mrs. Salcer,  Preschool
Mrs. Soltis, Preschool 
Miss King, Preschool 
Mrs. Gardner, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Hoffner, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Kandzer, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Sturik, Kindergarten Teacher 
Mrs. Lee, First Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Presot, First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Zale, First Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Hudak, Second Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Klag, Second Grade Teacher 
Mr. Mrugacz, Second  Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Sauer, Second Grade Teacher 
Ms. Laich, Third Grade Teacher 
Miss Sluka, Third Grade Teacher
Mrs. Stevens, Third Grade Teacher
Mr. Czikray, Fourth Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Montague, Fourth Grade Teacher  
Mrs. Peters, Fourth Grade Teacher 
Mrs. Gradert, School Counselor

Mr. Gruber, Art Teacher

Mrs. McFarland, Science Specialist
Mrs. Morosko, Technology 
Miss Powers, Intervention Specialist
Miss Scharf, Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Schatt, Music Teacher

Mr. Shirilla, Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Stec, Gifted Teacher

Mrs. Wygonski, Intervention Specialist
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