Middle School Profile

Independence Middle School
6111 Archwood Road
Independence, Ohio 44131

Independence Middle School is home to 318 middle school students in grades five through eight. All students receive classroom instruction from highly qualified teachers across all grade levels. Independence Middle School offers one multi-handicapped unit, small-group classes for at-risk learners and enriched classes at various grade levels.

All students are enrolled in Math, Science, Social Studies/History, Reading, and Language Arts. Enriched reading is available to students in each grade level. Accelerated math courses are available to students in grades seven and eight. IMS is proud to offer students in eighth-grade Algebra and Spanish I, both of which count for Independence High School credit.

Cornerstone classes are offered at every grade level. At IMS, we believe all students should have access to a wide range of fine arts and computer classes.

5th grade – Health, Physical Education, Family Consumer
Science, Music Appreciation, Guidance, Art, Keyboarding, Improv/Theater, Leadership

6th grade – Health, Physical Education, Computer, Music Appreciation,
Spanish, Art, Family Consumer Science, Genius Hour, Leadership

7th grade – Health, Physical Education, Computers, Art, Leadership

8th grade – Computers, Fundamentals of Design, Industrial Technology, Spanish, Leadership, Television, Digital Music

Students in all grade levels have the option of enrolling in Band and/or Choir. During a student's eighth grade year they may choose to participate in the Independence High School Marching Band program.

The following school professionals are available to students at IMS:
Intervention Specialist
School Psychologist
School Counselor
Speech and Language Pathologist

The technology department is continuously working to ensure students at Independence Middle School have up-to-date technology. IMS has a 1:1 program for all students in grades 5-8.  Students in grades 5-6 have access to iPads and students in grades 7-8 have Asus Flip Chromebooks.

Fifth and sixth-grade students may participate in intramural football, volleyball and golf. Students are eligible to play school sports during their seventh and eighth-grade years. Boys have the opportunity to play football, basketball, wrestle, or run track and girls have the opportunity to play volleyball, basketball, or run track.

Art Club
Bowling Club
Builders Club
Drama Club
Golf Club
Pep Club
Show Choir
Ski Club
Student Council

Student of the Month
Student of the Quarter
Four Star Society
Student Leadership Core
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