If you are applying to colleges/universities using the Common Application, follow these steps to link your Common Application with Naviance. This must be completed in order for transcripts and letters of recommendation to be sent.

1. Log into your Naviance account
2. Click on the “colleges I’m applying to” link under the “Favorites” section on your homescreen.
3. In the pink box at the top of the screen click “match accounts”
4. Read the posted information, scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email address. Then, click “match accounts.”

If your Common Application account and Naviance account do not “match”

1. An explanation for the unsuccessful match should be given in the “Common App Account Matching” box
2. If it says you need to complete the FERPA”
     1. Login to your Common Application account
     2. Click on “My Colleges”
     3. Choose one of the colleges you plan to apply to
     4. Click on “Recommenders & FERPA”
     5. You must complete all of the questions in the “education” section
     6. Click on the link to complete the FERPA waiver
     7. Agree to the terms to waive your right to view letters of recommendation
     8. Return to your Naviance account and repeat the steps listed above


Step One

Step Two
1. Login to your Naviance account.
2. Click on the “colleges I’m applying to” link under the “Favorites” section on your homescreen
3. Click on pink plus sign in the upper right hand part of your screen to add a school and request transcript.
4. If you are using the Common Application, follow the steps to match your accounts before proceeding.
5. Type in the name of the college or university you would like to add. After finding the college or university, select how you will submit your application using the dropdown menu. Your options will be “Direct to Institution” or “Common Application” (if you have matched your accounts).
6. Click “add and request transcript” in the teal box.
7. Choose the type of transcript you are requesting:
     1. Initial - The first transcript sent to a college/university. This is the most common option.
     2. Midyear - The transcript with quarter 1 and quarter 2 grades, usually sent as a requirement of the application process outlined by
         that specific school. This transcript is not sent until after Q2 grades are final.
     3. Final - The transcript that is sent after graduation, and only to the school you will be attending.

Your request will be received by the counseling department, who will electronically send your transcript to the desired school. Keep in mind: it could take additional time for the college/university to upload your transcript once it is sent. Transcript requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the application deadline.

It is important that you review the admission requirements for each school prior to asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation. It is possible that the school(s) to which you are applying do not require a letter of recommendation.


In Naviance, add the school(s) to which you need letters sent:
      - Click the “colleges” tab
      - Click “colleges I’m applying to”
      - Either match your Common App, or if you are not using Common App, add each school to your list individually
Talk to your teacher in person to ask if he/she would be willing to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Be prepared to give the recommender a résumé or a brag Sheet.

1. From the Naviance homepage, click on the “colleges” link in the upper right hand corner, then click the “colleges homepage” link under the “colleges” section.

2. Click on “Letters of Recommendation” in the “Apply to Colleges” section.
3. Click on “Add Request”. You can only request a recommendation from one teacher at a time. Therefore, you will need to complete separate requests for each teacher from whom you are seeking a recommendation. Click the drop down box to find the teacher who will be writing your letter of recommendation.
4. Choose “all current and future colleges”, unless a school to which you are applying limits the number of letters of recommendations it will accept. In that circumstance, you need to choose specific schools to which your recommendation(s) will be sent.
5. In the “Personal Note to Teacher” box you should thank your teacher for taking the time to write a letter for you. You can also include any specifics that you want mentioned in your letter.  Click “Submit Request” to send your teacher recommendation request.
IMPORTANT: If your application requires a counselor recommendation, please notify your counselor via email or in person, as they are not listed in the selection of teachers. Requests for letters of recommendation from a counselor should be made at least two weeks prior to the application deadline

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