There are two types of Acceleration.  Grade-level Acceleration and Subject Acceleration.  Grade-level acceleration is the least common acceleration and involves a student "skipping" an entire grade-level.  Subject Acceleration is more common and involves a student "skipping" a specific subject (i.e. math) in their given grade.  
How is Acceleration Determined? 
Grade-Level and Subject Acceleration is based on multiple criteria.  Gifted identification, Superior Cognitive identification, social-emotional factors, and assessment performance are the most common items that factor into acceleration.   Often, differentiation and grade-level enrichment opportunities provide extension of learning while allowing students to spend the appropriate amount of time with mathematical skills (i.e. number sense) with their peers.  
Math Education and Acceleration

While subject acceleration is still an option for Superior Cognitive and Math Gifted identified students, this acceleration is determined on a student-by-student basis.  Our departmental goal is to differentiate and personalize learning at grade-level for our students. This allows students to learn the important fundamental math skills necessary for success in high school courses like Geometry, Calculus, and Physics, while allowing teachers to enrich curriculum for those students that show mastery of content.  The inclusion of students at all levels of math learning in a classroom creates a system of peer scaffolding, universal design, and equity. The vision statement for math education at Independence Schools is:

We Believe...

"Math education at Independence Schools is about creating Problem 

Solvers with a strong mathematical foundation, number sense, the ability 

to intelligently discuss math concepts, and experience math beyond The Test.  Math is a 

developing, spiraling subject which requires mastery at developmentally appropriate levels."

Parent Request for Acceleration Process 
If assessment scores and teacher recommendation does not support student acceleration, a parent may still ask for the building acceleration committee to meet with the parent/guardian and student.  This process is in accordance with BOE Policy 5408 & 5410.  Acceleration requests must be made in writing to the building principal.  The Acceleration Request form is linked below.  Below you will also find the Ohio Department of Education information on the acceleration processes.
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