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Independence Middle School Drama Club Presents "Haphazardly Ever After?"
Independence Middle School Drama Club Presents "Haphazardly Ever After?"

The Independence Middle School Drama Club will present “Haphazardly Ever After?” on January 22 & 23, 2016 at 7PM in the Independence Middle School auditorium. Tickets will be $5. There are nearly 50 students in the cast and another 25 in the various crews “That's about a quarter of the school population!” said Music Teacher and Director Gretchen Obrovac.

King Barnabas and Queen Mildred are adored and revered in their kingdom. They rule with grace and dignity. However, their four children, Princess Peppermint, Princess Cinnamon, Prince Hairgel and Prince Slacker have grown up to be royal pains. They are less than motivated to make anything of their lives. They fight with each other and care only about themselves. They shun any suitors who come to call. The King and Queen have tried everything - Therapists, Teachers, bringing in Royal Suitors and even a Fairy Godmother! At last, the Queen concocts a plan to create a fairy tale for each young royal, because everything always turns out right in fairy tales. She gathers potions, spells and magical items to make their children fall in love, get married and move out of their castle. Of course, as is often the case, things don't go as planned and all the fairy tales get mixed up! What will the King and Queen do as their brilliant plan unravels? As fairy tales usually go, will everyone live happily ever after?

The cast includes: Queen- Avery Strychasz (8th grade); King- Bob Sobczak (8th grade);
Cinnamon- Ali Laski (8th grade); Peppermint- Molly Dougherty (8th grade); Slacker- Brandon Patton (8th grade); and Hairgel- Jack Valenti (6th grade).

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