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Impressive Results for Independence Local Schools on Report Card
The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has released its report cards for all school districts on September 12. This is the second year that ODE will use letter grades to indicate student achievement and progress of districts. Independence Local Schools had impressive results. ODE is still addressing some issues with data reporting that could modify district reports in the near future, but as of today, Independence Local Schools’ report card is as follows:

Indicators Met
This year: A
Last Year: A

“This is an impressive grade because benchmark for passage on state assessments was increased from 75% to 80% this year for the first time. We are extremely proud of the fact we had 100% passage on five state assessments this year, including third grade reading. We also had three 99% rates. We are the only district in Northeast Ohio that had such passage rates,” said Independence Local Schools Curriculum and Instruction Director Roger Howard.

Performance Index
This year: A (109.1)
Last year: A (108.1)

“This is also impressive because this is an aggregate of scores for all state assessments. It not only measures simple passage rates, but also rewards scores in the highest “Advanced” and “Accelerated” ranges. Our performance index has improved each year for the past four years,” said Howard.

4th Year Graduation Rate
This year: A (94.3%)
Last year: A

I.H.S. traditionally has a 4-year graduation rate well above the 90% range.

5th Year Graduation Rate
This year: A (97.1%)
Last year: B

This measures the district’s ability to encourage/support students who did not graduate the previous year, to continue working and succeed in graduating within one year later. We improved one letter grade from last year.

Overall Value-Added Progress
Last year: A
This year: B

This is an aggregate of all 4th-8th-Grade Value-Added growth measures. “It is sometimes difficult for a district to have exemplary achievement (Performance Index) AND growth scores. We are very pleased to improve one full letter grade in this category,” said Howard.

Gifted Value-Added
This year: B
Last year: C

“This was our only grade of “C” last year. We are pleased to gain one letter grade,” said Howard.

Lower 20% Value-Added
This year: Not Reported
Last year: B

This is a measure of how “at-risk” students grow on state assessments from previous year. This category was not reported as of this time. “The district has made a significant commitment to provide academic intervention and support for at-risk learners,” said Howard.

IEP Value-Added
This year: Not Reported
Last year: B

Growth for special needs students being served by an Individual Education Plan. Not reported as of this time.

Gap Closing
This year: B
Last year: B

“This is a collective grade for all students in specific “sub group” categories. We earned an A in all categories except IEP Math. Because not enough students demonstrated growth in this area, the district was demoted from an A to a B. Last year’s grade was also a B,” said Howard

“In addition to these various quantitative measures, we are extremely pleased and proud of the information that will be released in our Quality Profile on Sept. 15,” said Independence Local Schools Superintendent Steve Marlow. “These qualitative measures are equally important variables leading to an exceptional educational experience here in Independence Local Schools.”

For an explanation of the report card system, please see the ODE informational page found here: http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Data/Accountability-Resources/The-A-F-Report-Card-2014-2.pdf.aspx

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