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Independence Primary School Celebrates I-Pride Week

Independence Primary School students learned how to be bucket fillers and not bucket dippers when performing acts of kindness during their I-Pride week from October 15-19. The theme was “Have you filled a Bucket Today?” Throughout the week, daily announcements read out “raindrops” of students performing kind acts to be bucket fillers.

Each student was given a raindrop where they performed a bucket filling gesture such as asking others if they need help, giving someone a smile, inviting new people into their lunch or play group, and telling others how much they mean to them. Students then wrote what they did on the raindrop and brought it to school each morning of I-Pride week. The drops were displayed on a bulletin board with a large bucket in the school foyer.

In addition to ongoing weekly efforts, each day brought new activities for the students. The week kicked off with an assembly on Monday in the school gym where the whole school listened to a book reading of Have you Filled a Bucket Today? Following the reading, student council performed skits and students sang a bucket filler chant. Students and staff wore blue and gold and were given kindness bracelets to remind them to be kind throughout I-Pride week. In the afternoon, the school held a pep rally with the Independence High School band and team captains.

On Tuesday, students wore Disney-themed clothing and worked on coloring sheets and activities dealing with kindness. They also watched a video about how one act of kindness can spark another, creating a boomerang effect.

On Wednesday, students wore their IPride grade level colors. Students participated in more kindness activities and learned the “Bucket Filler Song.” This song gave examples of how to encourage classmates at school and not be a bucket dipper by taking advantage of other’s kindness.

Thursday’s dress theme was to wear a magical hat. Teachers held more kindness activities and had the option of borrowing kindness books to read to the children. The video of the day was a sing along about how to fill other’s buckets by giving compliments and lending a listening ear when someone feels down.

Friday was “grey out” dress day and students watched a video of the “Kid President” giving 20 things that people should say more often to each other like “You are awesome,” and “I disagree with you but I still like you as a person.” Students continued with kindness activities as a suggestion was given for each letter of the alphabet of how students could fill buckets. Starting with “A” for Asking if you can help a parent, teacher, or friend to “Z” for Zero means there is nothing you can’t work out when you are kind to all.
Independence Primary School Celebrates I-Pride Week

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