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Independence High School Wind Ensemble Performs Original Work
Independence High School Wind Ensemble Performs Original Work Independence High School Wind Ensemble Performs Original WorkDuring the 2017-18 school year, Independence High School Wind Ensemble commissioned composer Lisa Galvin to create a new musical work for the concert band. They selected Galvin, a Columbus, Ohio native, as she fulfilled the mission of helping support endeavors to bring new and original works by prominent composers to the ensemble.

She began with a few guidelines in August 2017 and set to compose an original work for the concert band that featured a variety of meters, repeated rhythms, and tonal lyrical melodies. Galvin submitted a draft to the band in January 2018. She used this opportunity to write a musical work for her late father who passed away in 2015.

Galvin wrote about the work, “By design, this is a celebratory work of a long life well-lived. While it is meant to be a resplendent work, it is not without a few sentimental and symbolic inferences that were nearly two years in the making.  The interesting time signatures in the beginning (3/4, 2/4, 6/4) are a direct musical reference to the actual time he entered eternal life, and they offer an exciting ramp-up to the energetic 5/4 time signature that flows along with a sense of freedom.”

In the work, a brief tribute to the hymn “Nearer My God to Thee” and a “tolling of the bells” can be heard to complete the symbolism. The wind ensemble premiered Galvin’s work named, “Quintescent Journey” on May 9. It will be published in 2018 by C.L. Barnhouse Music Publishers for concert bands to purchase and perform. Each part of the score bears the inscription: “Commissioned by the Independence High School Wind Ensemble.”

IHS Band Director Matt Schatt, said, “The educational value of meeting and interacting with a living composer and seeing their personal interest in our members’ musical journey, while knowing that we are helping to provide the musical world with a new and original work to perform, cannot be overstated.  I believe it helps to offer perspective of our place in the larger musical world.”
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