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Independence Middle School's Junior Biology Society Plants Ohio Native Trees and Cleans National Park
Independence Middle School's Junior Biology Society Plants Ohio Native Trees and Cleans National Park Independence Middle School Junior Bio Society
The Junior Biology Society at Independence Middle School began an initiative to encourage the community to plant Ohio Native Species. Native plants are adapted to local conditions and require little maintenance.  They also provide the best quality resources because wildlife species are adapted to use native plants. This is important for maintaining clean air and water, soil stability, and provides critical food and shelter for wildlife.  Examples of native trees include Red Maple, Ohio Buckeye, Flowering Dogwood, American Beech, Red or Green Ash, White Oak, and Sweetbay Magnolia.  An example of a native shrub is the Burning Bush.  Black-eyed Susan, Tall Ironweed, Lemon Mint, New Englad Aster, Grey/Yellow-Headed Coneflower, and Wild Bergamot are examples of native wildflowers. 

The Society is encouraging the community members to add native plants to their landscaping or substituting them for current exotic species. The move for native gardening is a current trend with substantial benefits. It is good for wildlife and has no need for fertilizers or pesticides keeping chemicals out of the yard. Native plants control erosion, filter stormwater, and are cheaper with less maintenance. The native plants also save water because they are suited for the state‚Äôs climate.

The Junior Biology Society members learned about planting native species and received a recognition packet with a list of Ohio native species they can plant at home. They participated in a tree planting day, installing the Ohio native white dogwood tree in the front of the middle school.

The Society has been active in other ways by taking their families to meet with club adviser Mrs. Rio Vincz and science teacher Erica Strand in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There they took a hike through the park and picked up litter. The park rangers took notice of their efforts and took pictures for their national park website.
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