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Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week
Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week Emily is a remarkable third grade student and an asset to our classroom and school family. Emily continuously does her best, and challenges herself to reach new goals and gain knowledge each day. In addition to her outstanding work ethic and academic skills, Emily is a genuinely kind and helpful person to both peers and adults. Emily always thinks of others' needs. She automatically jumps in to help any student who may be struggling, and is always ready with a kind word or hug for whomever needs it (and many days, I am the one who needs it). Emily does all of these things without regard for personal reward or recognition, showing an impressive level of emotional maturity at a young age. I know Emily will go on to great things as she grows, and she will continue to be a shining star for our school, district, and community.

She was nominated by Denise Laich, IPS teacher.
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