Sunshine Math


Dear Parents,

We welcome your child and you to SUNSHINE MATH, a program designed to enhance your child’s journey through mathematics.SUNSHINE MATH is an enrichment program for students.The purpose of the program is to give students of all ability levels a chance to extend themselves beyond the normal mathematics curriculum.

Your child will receive a worksheet each Monday that will be collected on the Friday of that same week.Each problem on the worksheet is ranked according to its level of difficulty.The more stars you see beside a problem, the higher the level of difficulty, and the more stars your child can earn for solving it. This worksheet will be counted as homework and will also be rewarded with prizes.For different increments of stars earned there are different prizes.Students will be given time in school every morning to work on their SUNSHINE MATH worksheet.

Your role in SUNSHINE MATH is to encourage and facilitate problem solving.During the week, allow time, if needed, for your child to think about each problem.You may need to read the problem to your child, explaining any new words encountered.Feel free to suggest a strategy for solving the problem, offer “counters” or manipulatives, or listen as your child shares his or her thinking, but please DO NOT GIVE THE ANSWERS.In order for this to be effective the thinking must be done by the students.

It is normal for a child not to be able to complete every problem on a worksheet.The process of reading, understanding and approaching the problems is a valuable step in solving many types of problems.Remind your child that she or he is not expected to know the answers to every problem.

Thank you for all your help.


Ken DeAngelis

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