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IHS Air Testing Schedule
Tuesday, May 2
7:40 - 10:40 = American History
10th graders report to school at the normal time.
ALL OTHER STUDENTS report to IHS at 9:45am
Thursday, May 4:
7:40 - 10:40 = American Government
11:30 - 2:30 = Biology 
Friday, May 5:
7:40 - 10:40 = Geometry
11:30 - 2:30 = Algebra 
Senior Project 2017
Senior Project
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Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week
This week's #IPrideStar of the Week is Mr. Mike Morefield, art teacher at Independence High School. Mr. Morefield deserves to be an #IPrideStar of the Week for his hard work and willingness to work with the Drama Club in its production of Mary Poppins. It is a lot of work, and he gets all the kids involved with the work. He also has to put up with a lot of back and forth decision making by us ladies, because one day we would say let's do it this way, and the next day, it could (and did) get changed, based on our rehearsals. He jumped in readily, gave us some good opinions or options, consulted with Mr. Foor, and helped us have a smooth-running show. He also helped us teach a brand new stage crew how to work things behind the curtain. I'd like to say his efforts were: SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS!!
Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week
Mr. Wayne Benos has exemplary commitment to coaching the IHS/IMS Mock Trial teams with Dr. Rick Fierer. Mr. Benos has been attending one to two meetings per week for the entire school year as the mock trial legal advisor for six years. In his role as legal advisor for the Mock Trial, he coaches students in courtroom etiquette, oration, questioning, and delivery of statements. Going beyond this, he also reads and analyzes the Mock Trial case materials outside of practice. Mr. Benos coordinates scrimmages against other schools, and attends the official competitions for middle and high school each year. He provides constructive criticism and encouragement throughout the Mock Trial process, aiding students of all levels in achieving their potential. This year, Mr. Benos and Dr. Fierer have coached the high school team all the way to regionals! We appreciate the work Mr. Benos has done for the Mock Trial team and hope we continue to be fortunate enough to work with him in the future.
Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week Independence Local Schools' IPride Star of the Week
Our #IPrideStars of the Week are James Kundmueller and Alec Coutris. On a morning when the weather conditions were cold and icy, these two gentlemen came to the aid of a teacher in the parking lot. The teacher was parked on a huge sheet of ice and when she tried to get out of her car she realized she wouldn't be able to walk on the ice safely. Without hesitation, these two boys quickly came over to her car and helped her not only out of the car, but also walked with her across the ice so that she didn't fall and get hurt. It showed what considerate and conscientious boys they are! Great job to both of them for being the good samaritans we hope all our students turn out to be!
Independence Local Schools #IPrideStar of the Week Independence Local Schools #IPrideStar of the Week
Mrs. Kelsey Whitacre, Independence Middle and High School Teacher, is the #IPrideStar of the Week.  Mrs. Whitacre is a valuable asset to IMS and IHS. She always arrives with a smile on her face and a positive outlook on the day. Mrs. Whitacre makes her classroom a warm and inviting space for all students. She embraces new ideas, projects, and classroom activities. Over the years, Mrs. Whitacre has been instrumental in facilitating community activities and reaching out to those in need. She has helped her students with making blankets and pies for area shelters while teaching her students about compassion and empathy. Mrs. Whitacre not only teaches her students academics but life lessons they can not learn in the classroom.
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