IHS Parking Permit

IHS Parking Permit

Parking Permit Application

CLICK HERE to complete an IHS parking permit application.


1. All student-driven cars must be registered online during the first week of school. No parking passes will be issued unless the $40.00 parking fee is paid. Students must provide a copy of their driver’s license and insurance card along with the $40.00 permit fee to the main office. 

2. The student parking lot is directly north of the building, between the building and the athletic field. The area adjacent to and east of the auditorium is for faculty and guests only. Students must park their cars in the student lot only. ALL senior lot spaces are on a “First Come, First Serve” basis each day. Blue striped spaces are for Staff Members ONLY. 

3. Cars must be parked in the spaces provided. There is to be no parking in driveways or in any area designated as a NO PARKING AREA by signs or other means. 

4. The speed limit of 20 m.p.h. on streets designated as being in a school zone must be observed. On school grounds, the speed limit is 5 m.p.h. 

5. Students are prohibited from eating, smoking, sitting in, or loitering around any cars on school grounds during the school day. Students are to leave the cars immediately after they are parked. 

6. Students are not permitted to make trips to their cars during the school day or to leave the lot for any reason unless permission is granted by the office. Violation of this rule may lead to revocation of the parking privilege. 

7. Any reckless driving, such as speeding, failure to stop, squealing of tires, etc., may result in the loss of parking privileges. 

8. All cars must be in safe mechanical condition. All cars are subject to a police safety inspection. 

9. All vehicles must be adequately insured (copy of insurance card must be turned in). 

10. Any violation of the above rules may result in a car being towed away at the owner’s expense, as well as revocation of driving privileges, and disciplinary action. 

11. Driving to school and parking a car on school property is provided as a convenience and privilege. School officials retain the right to examine the contents and/or search a car parked on school premises when they have a reasonable belief that items contained in the car may be detrimental to the safety and welfare of others or interfere with the safe and effective operation of the school. 

12. If there are any changes in the original car registration (new license plate, change of color, different car, etc.), the student must notify the office. How to Register for Your Parking Permit Online: Step One: Go to the IHS webpage. Step Two: Click on Forms then Parking Permit. Step Three: Complete online form.

Note: To receive your Parking Permit, you must bring a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card with your $40.00 permit fee to the main office.

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