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Independence High School Creates Mentor Database
Independence High School is looking for alumni who are willing to help current and future students make decisions about their futures.

The idea is simple. I.H.S. School Counselor Mary Dolejs is compiling a database that will list alumni according to area of study, career, college or university. The list will enable counselors to connect students interested in a particular career path with former students who are currently working or studying in that field.
“Students come to me and say things like, ‘I am interested in becoming an engineer, but I have no idea what kind.’ Or ‘I want to go into fashion design. What can I do with that?’” said Dolejs.

When that happens, she could go to the list and suggest someone for the student to call who could help answer those questions. The alumni could also talk with students who want to learn more about a particular college or branch of the military.

“It’s not a huge time commitment. It is simply someone for students to reach out to, chat with and learn,” she said. “Please pass this along.”

Anyone interested should send the following Information:

Last name
Maiden name (if needed)
First name
Year graduated from HIS
University attended
Degree earned or working on
Current place of employment
Phone number
Email address

Contact Mary Dolejs at, or call 216-642-5875 ex.1.
Alumni Updates
We welcome news about our alumni.  Please send updates to Mary Dolejs at and we will add them to this page. 
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